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Patent granted

The development of electronic circuits is our core competence. Sometimes, as here in the field of energy-saving energizers, this leads to solutions that we believe are worthy of protection, and therefore apply for a patent. Meanwhile, the patent was granted. Find out more: Patent fence energizer.


TLE1250-S64-4LiNew Electronic-Modul for Lithium

Diving Sports: As an extension of the product range "Electronics for underwater lights for divers", a new module is available now. Due to its very low standby-currentconsumption, it allows the use of lithium batteries in combination with halogen- or HLX-bulbs.

The first essential difference compared with the older deliverable modules is the shorter length of 65mm, which is coordinated with standard lithium-cells from type 18650. The overall dimensions are approximately 24x65mm at a height of 15mm.

The second essential difference is the very low standby-current-consumption (light turned off). This is necessary since lithium ion accumulators show on the one hand a very low self-discharge and on the other hand are not allowed to be deep discharged.

Please follow the security instructions for lithium ion accumulators provided by the manufacturers! Lithium is a very reactive light-metal. Lithium-ion-accumulators tend to start burning at wrong treatment or overload and therefore show a considerable potential of danger. As a rule, lithium ion accumulators may not be operated without an additional protection circuit!

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